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Kyle is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, who has been working in the veterinary field since 2010. In addition to his work at Ballard Animal Hospital, he is involved in CE's, is a member of the zoo, goes on daily runs with Rigby, and is the go-to guy when his friends have questions about their animals. He is a calm, efficient and hard worker, who can (believe it or not) also be quite a chatterbox! Kyle has three pets: Rigby (a terrier mix) and Lola & Moka (both domestic short-haired cats). Rigby is overly enthusiastic and not great at picking up on social queues. Cutest thing? Backing her butt into you until you pet her. Lola is an independent, hungry cat who dislikes being picked up and never covers anything up in her litter box. Moka is needy, temperamental and jealous, and will not allow anyone but Kyle to pet him. He still sleeps on Kyle’s pillow as he did when he was a kitten, though he now tops the scales at 13 pounds!
Chelsey has been a Licensed Veteriniary Technician since 2014. She currently lives in South Seattle with her husband and dog, Kado. Kado is a 10 year old terrier mix who has more cat qualities than dog. Outside of work, she enjoys hosting parties at her home, day trips around the Sound and hiking.

Jen is a licensed veterinary technician hailing from Trenton, NJ. She graduated from the University of MD, College Park with a degree in Zoology and moved to Seattle for an internship at a local wildlife center.  After working as a wildlife rehabilitator, oil spill response team member, and veterinary technician at an exotics practice, Jen joined our team in 2014. Outside of work, Jen likes to hike, bike, rollerblade, cook and travel. Jen has two cats, Yeti and Lucian, and one Blue-Fronted Amazon named Charlie (pictured). Yeti is a lovebug and Lucian never stops talking. Charlie hatched some time around 1968, swears in German, and thinks homemade hummus is the best snack. Jen is interested in animal welfare and rescue, and is always conscious of doing what is right for both companion animals and wildlife. 
Sam is a veterinary assistant and has been practicing since September 2012, beginning with an internship as a surgical assistant at a humane society. She serves as an events coordinator on the board of directors for Equine Aide Horse and Donkey Rescue located in Monroe, WA. She also volunteers her time with Art! for Animals' Sake.  Sam has two tabby cats at home- Mr. Tooth (aka Papa) and Baby- who are needy and loving, and lazy and mischievious, respectively. While Mr. Tooth is known for carefully stealing thumb tacks out of posters with his teeth and dropping them into shoes, Baby is notorious for nibbling on plants until they wilt, regardless of how high up they're moved. While they appreciate that Sam is willing to let them take up the whole bed at night, they are disappointed that she will not allow them to nap on the kitchen table.
Samantha was born in Yakima, Washington, and recently passed her VTNE to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She developed her love of animals by growing up with a wide variety of them such as a bunny, horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats, a deer, chinchillas, and even sugar gliders! Her mom's work as a surgical technician and Samantha's deep love of animals helped her to decide to become a veterinary technician. She loves the outdoors, reading and spending time with her friends & family. Since moving to the city in 2012, Samantha has one spoiled rotten Tuxedo cat named Sir Artimas Clyde. He loves fetch, kitty play dates and bringing twigs into the house as treasures.

Originally from Seattle, Made grew up in Cashmere, WA, returning to Seattle after graduating from high school. She completed her veterinary technician training at Pima Medical Institute and is loving every minute of her new position. She is also enjoying going to continuing education classes and learning new techniques and improving her skills each and every day. She loves all animals, but is obsessed with cats. Sadly, she can only have one cat at this time, Julien, because he's not animal friendly (at all!). Julien is a character, though, so he keeps her entertained. He loves walking on his leash, shredding toilet paper (code: I don't like my food!), and periodically he opens every cabinet door in her house as a greeting when she arrives home.

Mishra got interested in being a veterinary assistant when his family would take their pets to the vet. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Mishra's family moved to the Seattle area when he was little. He enjoys games of all kinds -- video games, card games, board games. Mishra has five rats: Monty, Moony, Gemma, Penny & Margaery. (He recently adopted the last two.) He likes rats because they are extremely intelligent, very sociable, and live beautifully in packs. They can be observed caring about each other and showing empathy.

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