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New Rx Home Delivery Service


Here are links that we recommend to help care for your animals:

General Medical
Veterinary Partner –  basic medical and behavior information for many different diseases and conditions
ASPCA: Animal Poison Control  – General information on poisons in the home, toxic plants and poison safety tips

Dog Related
Old Dog Haven – adoption and rescue organization for senior dogs

Cat Related
Cat Info – cat nutrition information
Cat Behavior Associates – information regarding normal and abnormal cat behavior
Indoor Cat Initiative – information from The Ohio State University regarding stimulation and environmental enrichment for indoor cats

Overview of Your Pet’s Dental Health
Toothbrushing & Preventative Oral Care at Home
Veterinary Oral Health Council – dental care information

International Cat Care – specific cat travel information
USDA: Travel with your Pet
– basic legal and safety information on travel with pets from US Department of Agriculture

Ahimsa Dog Training – basic positive training and help with behavior issues

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