Our History


Ballard Animal Hospital is a privately owned veterinary hospital serving patients and clients at the same for over 60 years.

Dr. William Brennan built the original structure and opened for business in 1953. In his design, he included a three bedroom apartment, located below the clinic, where he and his family lived for several years. One bathroom and five kids!

Dr. Brennan had a series of business associates until he was joined by Thomas Weiger, DVM and Paul Ahrens, DVM in 1971 and R. Brian Rowse, DVM in 1977. In 1986 Dr. Brennan retired from practice and sold his share of the business to the other partners. Years passed. Then Dr. Weiger retired in 1993 and the two remaining partners worked together until, sadly, Dr. Ahrens passed away in 2001. Dr. Rowse became the sole proprietor in February 2002 and worked with associates until he decided it was time to sell the business. Dr. Emily Howe, DVM purchased Ballard Animal Hospital in 2007 with Dr. Rowse continuing to practice at the hospital until he retired in 2019. Currently, Dr. Howe has several associate vets on staff with her.

Ballard Animal Hospital has a rich history and maintains a strong link to the people in our neighborhood communities and we are committed to continuing the excellent health care and compassionate guidance you have come to know us for.