In Memory of Dolly

Dear Dolly:

For twelve short years you were our quirky, stubborn, sweet, funny companion. You earned the nickname “Sneaky Pete” for trying, every three or four years, to sneak down the front stairs to go voyaging in the neighborhood, not for lack of attachment to your “pack,” but just because. It was a Dolly thing. Your favorite place in warm weather was the front porch (ours, too!), with your chin resting on the bottom railing, watching the world go by below you. You didn’t do the normal doggy things, like chasing balls or catching frisbees or playing with toys. Your sport was hunting houseflies, which you would snap right out of the air and then roll into a neat little ball (how did you do that?). Your favorite game was finding the hidden biscuit. You were my sleepytime pal, my companion and comfort when I wasn’t feeling well. You made me laugh, and then, at the end, you made me cry. We will miss you.

We are so very grateful to the vets and staff of Ballard Animal Hospital for their loving care.

Barb and Phil

Julie Howe