In Memory of Luc

Luc, a cat with a soft, thick translucent dark gray coat and bright green eyes, came to live with me in July 2017 along with his Siamese-featured sibling. The two brother cats were 9 and their human parents were moving abroad. It did not take long to fall in love with Luc. His sweet innocence shone in those green eyes and his loving expression. He was an angel. I likened his sweetness to the most delicate pieces by composer Claude Debussy.

Luc loved to cuddle, and while getting a kitty cat tummy rub in my arms, he would stroke his ears and the top of his head with his front paws. His favorite toys were mousies and flip flops (yes, flip flops).

Luc bonded with my dog over their mutual interest in food, always lobbying me together when their respective meal or snack times were drawing near.

Luc was undaunted by the health issues he’d had since infancy and then by the osteosarcoma that moved so quickly to take his life a year after he had come to live with me. The large tumor in his shoulder limited his ability to walk and move his body, but he coped, compensated and kept on with determination, all the while showing his sweet good nature.

Luc was an exceptional cat. I miss him terribly and feel so lucky to have had him live with me.

Cathy Gaylord

Julie Howe