In Memory of Madras

Madras came into my life when he was already 7 years old and his emaciated body, hyper vigilance, and dog aggression indicated that he had quite the story to tell. But border collies are reserved, reticent dogs and he never shared much of his story with me. It took years to overcome his “issues” but he never ceased to amaze me with his courage, resilience, ability to heal and to trust. He became a gentle, happy, bossy dog who loved long walks, any kind of training session, time off leash, treats, all people but especially the mailman and UPS man, and even most dogs. The small dogs in our neighborhood, in particular, came to adore him and would insist on greeting him. I’m grateful to all the trainers and ordinary dog owners who helped us both to learn and grow and I’m grateful to Madras for teaching me that it’s possible to overcome whatever challenges life throws at us. What a very good dog!

Sonya Kopetz