In Memory of Maggie

Our girl Maggie was a six year old rescue dog from Oregon. We heard about her from the Scottish Terrier Rescue Group in Washington.

Her previous owner kept her outdoors all day and she had great anxiety. She was on so many meds when the Rescue Group got her she could hardly walk. They weaned her off the medications and she got better. When we saw Maggie she looked beautiful and she thoroughly claimed our household, jumping up on our son’s bed to his surprise. She chose us and we became her new owners. Her anxiety went away with some simple walks every day.

Maggie loved chasing squirrels and caught one in our back yard. It may have been one of her best days ever!

She made it to her 13th birthday and started to decline. We appreciate the Ballard Animal Hospital team for helping us with the sad decision to ease her pain.

R.I.P. Maggie

Julie Howe