In Memory of Peanut

December 2007 - June 2, 2019

Our daughter’s dog Peanut came to live with us last August while she was working in San Francisco. We had known Peanut since he was a puppy and had often taken care of him. But now he was staying with us full time. After Dr. Majeski took care of his anal gland infection and minor lip surgery, we thought all would be good until June when our daughter came back.

Everyone loved Peanut. And he loved everyone back as well as loving to chase the ball, swimming and licking faces. He had been a therapy dog in Olympia so was always gentle even with enthusiastic children. Our friends starting coming to see him instead of us.

When he started to limp in late April we thought it was a pulled muscle. The diagnosis of osteosarcoma was devastating. With the help of pain meds we were able to get him through the month of May. Our daughter arrived late the night of May 31st. She got to spend one day with him when we knew it was time as the pain had become unbearable. He was sweet to the very last and we miss him every day.

Sonya Kopetz