In Memory of Penny

June 2003 – April 2013

Penny enjoyed the sunshine, wind, naps by the fireplace, and all types of foods. She was complicated: dominant and smart, sensitive and shy. When she loved, it was with her whole heart. If you were fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her affections, Penny carved out a generous place for herself inside your heart. She was an avid athlete, running after squirrels and alerting her family to all things suspicious. Her spirit can be felt on the trails at Discovery Park, the sidewalks of Ballard, The Mailbox on 24th where she loved to get treats, and within the memories of all those who loved her. She leaves behind two human families and Yorkie Maltese and Pug sisters. Her family gives special thanks to Ballard Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Berry.

Julie Howe