In Memory of Amelia B. Aircat

From the moment she chose us at the Seattle Animal Shelter, we knew we belonged to Amelia for life. She was a very special, loving, spirited kitty, and I frequently acknowledged that she was “perfect in every way.“

When we met, Amelia was already about a year old. She was in the shelter with her sister, having been returned when their family adopted a dog. Amelia made it clear that she wanted to be the Only Cat in the household, a promise we kept over the 11 years we shared together.

She was funny, smart, extremely playful, and independent - in other words, a Cat. She loved to cuddle, though, in the evenings (as long as it wasn’t too warm) and she loved having her kneading moments in the morning, too.

Cancer may have claimed her earthly life, but we believe we will meet again, and we are happy she is now frolicking again in Kitty Heaven.

And we thank Ballard Animal Hospital for your loving care.

We love you, KittyCakes!
Your "mamas,” Kit W. and Nancy G.

Julie Howe