In Memory of Lester

Lester has been gone many years, but he will never be forgotten. He lived from 1984 to 2004, using up about 9.7 lives in the process. He remained himself through and through, though - he wanted you to think he was a big tough guy, but he was really just a big pussycat after all.

Lester was somewhat famous around Ballard Animal Hospital, because as he aged, he developed numerous health issues, and so was a frequent visitor. Also when we would travel, we would board him at the hospital. He would kick up a fuss and make a lot of noise, but after a day or so, he would settle into his stay. Pretty sure he was just playing the tough guy card there. :-) More than one of the staff had the “pleasure” of giving him an enema along the way - a task that although nobody enjoyed, everybody endured (esp. Lester!)

He was quite a cat, and we look forward to seeing him again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And we are glad he is there to show around his “little sister” Amelia, a recent arrival.

Thanks for your love and care for Lester.
Kit W. and Nancy G.

Julie Howe