In Memory of Ernest

From the moment he came in to this world, Ernesto had a lot to say. He guarded his Mom with his vocal chords, indicating his size and stature - which in his mind was gigantic. A mighty presence it was hard to entirely absorb that he weighed all of eleven pounds, with the most adorable smile, perfect tongue for yawning, and soft blonde hair, like his Mom. People would stop Ernesto while walking around Green Lake and exclaim – your hair is just like your mommies! Two blondies facing the world one step at a time. Ernest says: ”What people didn’t know, is how much comfort I brought to my Mom, faithfully and sometimes very forcefully by her side every morning (I knew when her eyes opened), until the last lick of light sent us to bed at night. (Although, my bed time was 9:30, and I was very strict about that.) I loved walking, and letting everyone know I was ‘in the hood,’ chasing squirrels up trees (almost caught up with one once) – birds! … them too, playing with ALL of my toys – (every single one, equal time for each) – Mom and I would play fetch every day, after our walk, breakfast and me thanking her with a million kisses – I liked snuggling close to my Mom all day as she worked from home, stealing money (yes! specifically $5 bills, I’d take them off to my bed and line them all up), and FOOD. I was very particular, chewed every bite of my food very politely, which some dogs do not do – and enjoyed eating very much. Thankfully my Mom fed me delicious food – always the kind I liked best, and that was healthy for me. I miss my Mom, no one understood me the way she did - but I know she will be okay. We are best friends and I will always be with her. No matter what.” To which Mom says: Thank you Ernesto for bringing so much joy to my life. You’ve been my heart, my home, and my best buddy - I am with you always. Love, Mom

Julie Howe